Visions blends essays and short stories from both masters of the genre and newcomers to paint a provocative landscape of the future that connoisseur and neophyte alike can enjoy and reflect on.

Issue One looks at the shape-shifting concept of home through thirty different lenses, from a planet to a device, from your friends to yourself. It’s 256 pages thick, beautifully typeset and shipped straight to your door.

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Inside Issue One:


A novel by Régis Messac

Régis Messac wrote Quinzinzinzany in 1935, in the days the Second World War was brewing in Europe. A scholar, journalist and translator, he was acutely aware of the political context of the time and produced a landmark post apocalyptic novel. Through the experience of a surviving group of children he describes mankind’s fall from grace.

This cult French novel will be published in English for the first time across Issue One and Two.

Order from £12.99

Home, your planet

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